Current Matters

by Song–Ming Ang & Lai Yu Tong

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Incurrent 01:29
Recurrent 05:42
Concurrent 05:11
Undercurrent 03:30
Occurrent 03:51


I_S_L_A_N_D_S presents Perennial Concerns, a two-person exhibition of recent works by Song-Ming Ang and Lai Yu Tong. Based on an initial impulse to start a band together, the presentation reflects their deconstructive, fluid process and the notations gleaned from this exchange. While both artists engage music, text, and unusual mediums in their works, each seeks a different way to redefine prevailing norms of studio practice and art production. Taking an explorative approach towards composition and performance, their works layer motifs from music and underground culture to locate rhythms and syncopations in the everyday.

With its plethora of record stores, equipment shops, and recording studios, Peninsula Shopping Centre has long served as a haven for audiophiles and musicians. Here, music becomes a conduit for the artists to look at the subjectivities of contemporary existence. Where Song-Ming sets up frank encounters with medium and representation, Yu Tong takes a more nuanced approach, navigating daily routines through patterns and repetitions. The collaborative results of Perennial Concerns are improvisational, as they are reciprocal.


Song-Ming Ang makes art about the subject-matter of music from the overlapping perspectives of an artist, fan, and amateur musician. His work often appears in various formats, as music serves as an entry point into other other topics related to the everyday and society at large.

Lai Yu Tong is an artist whose works respond to common conditions borne out of modern living—exhaustion, over-consumption, mundanity and disorientation. He sees his practice as a process of locating rhythms within the everyday and finding ways to carry on.


released September 14, 2018


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Perennial Concerns Singapore

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